Student of the Month 

Phillip Albert

December In House Skills Competitions

  World Jiu Jitsu Championships

Team Canada Wins Silver
Ian Cairncross Wins Gold
Los Vegas Nevada, USA  September 2010

             Awards Banquet
            Hamilton Ontario
   Ian Cairncross (Pro Spar)
Super Heavyweight Champion

Reno 2008 Tournament

International Jiu Jitsu Tournament
Reno Nevada October 25, 26 - 2008.


Team Canada fighters:
Dillon Goldsmith - Light weight
Kevin McDonald - Light weight
Mario Curan - Middle weight
Boban Bozovic - Light heavy weight
Andrew Farwell - Heavy weight

Coaches: Mickey Dimic & Mark Simon
Canadian Referees - Terry Yanke
                             - Gary Pilon 

Team Competition:
Dillon - won
Kevin - won
Mario - disqualified (both fighters disqualified for excessive force)
Boban - won